ESL Movie Lessons
for Teachers of English as a Second Language
       Five Star Amazon Review by G. Milano....
Using films in the ESL classroom is a fabulous way to engage students, provoke interesting discussions,
augment vocabulary and improve speaking/listening skills. I love these very effective, engaging books which
have exercises for students about a variety of popular films such as RAIN MAN, THE DEVIL WEARS
PRADA, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, and countless others. The listening activities really increase the
students' recall power. The vocabulary worksheets teach and reinforce practical words and the questions
spark discussions. I would recommend including even deeper analytical questions in the future. However,
the teacher can easily supplement Miller's exercises with drama activities or questions that are relevant to
the course theme. Miller makes our work-load ever so much lighter! I highly recommend these authentic
materials for the ESL classroom.
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